Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hindi Diwas

By Angela Mikaelyan
Student of YSLU 

India’s great family in Armenia is increasing day by day. They are Armenians which are interested in Indian people, wonderful culture, Hindi language, religions, dances, yoga, traditional medicine etc.
We are students from Yerevan State Linguistic University after Valeri Bryusov. Years ago our country and Indian government signed a document according to which we got opportunity to study Hindi language and culture. It is a great chance for us and we are very grateful that we are the group that started learning Hindi on a governmental basis. So twice a year our Hindi learners supervised with the Hindi professor Aanita Verma and with great excellency Mr. Ambassador Achal Kumar Malhotra organize Hindi day “Hindi Diwas” cultural program. Once on 14 September and the second is on 11 January. 
This year our university was closed, that’s why we organized it on 12 March. But no matter when it is a great event for us. We try to be creative and every time we do our best to introduce India’s incredible country and culture beautifully. We had Hindi speech and poetry, dances, songs, small performances etc.
This time our program had invited Hindi learners from other institutions as well. Our chief guests were Mr. Ambassador Achal Kumar Malhotra, our Rector Suren Zolyan, other representatives from the embassy, professors, students. We tried to be original and prepared a fascinating cultural program. One of our groups introduced Indian states and their languages, showing that they live in separate states, that unity is diversity, but their state language is Hindi. The other group showed some beautiful classic dances and songs, by which the audience was really admired and performances showing the similarities in languages and even everyday life. 
We obviously showed Indian and Armenian cultural similarities. For instance Indians celebrate Holi festival (pouring colors and colored water on each other) while Armenians celebrate Vardavar (pouring water and flowers on each other), Indians celebrate Lohri (setting a bonfire) while Armenians set bonfires on Trndez. Similarities are there even in music and musical instruments like Armenian dhol and Indian dholak etc. 
Considering our problems, we introduced smoking, alcohol, corruption that we desire to level it to ground in both countries.
In speech chapter of the competition we spoke about India, Armenia, our language similarities etc. 
One of the students showed her willingness to visit India; the other had had the chance to be there and told them about her impression from the trip to the incredible land. 

All this has one purpose to prosper and improve our knowledge of Hindi language. We make new friends, share opportunities, and discover ourselves, as where we come from and what our roots are. And why not, we add good memories of our student life.